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#TBT Breitling Navitimer Black - Practical by having an IconBreitling Navitimer All BlackToday on #TBT, we'll examine an all-time classic, the Breitling Navitimer Dressed in black. It's really a watch i always never thought I'd have a chance of owning, but due to fellow Fratello member Gerard, and also to my spouse, I've been fortunate to incorporate an elegance to my collection. It's funny, it absolutely was several months ago now i wrote about another Navitimer i had sourced: it was a rare transitional reverse panda model bought in Rene. So, just as before, it appears that Autumn is Navitimer season - and knowning that, consider a look at a very special chronograph.Adding the Breitling Navitimer All BlackWhen I obtained the previously mentioned transitional Navitimer, I became believing that this is enough to meet up with my yearning for the important aviator watch from Breitling. Well, it was not. In addition to buying a very nice illustration showing the 24-hour dialed ref. 809 Cosmonaute (by pure happenstance), I came across the Breitling Navitimer All Black. Well, to become more specific watches , I ran into Robert-Jan and then Gerard. Somehow, we were discussing Navitimers and Robert-Jan let on that Gerard owned an incredibly fantastic early version and that he'd likely do without it. It was 7 months ago right before Basel. Specialists Gerard about it and the man brought the watch to its birth land for review.Largely UnwornGerard explained to me that this Breitling Navitimer Dressed in black you see here was traded to him some years ago when he owned a watch shop inside Hague. The watch was on the market for many years and garnered little interest. When Gerard finally closed a store, he packed away the Navi and it went largely unworn. When it finally reappeared in Basel looking at my eyes, I knew I needed to own it. Despite my 40th birthday being 7 months after Basel, my wife agreed to obtain it for me personally being a special gift rolex 15210 breitling airwolf . However, it needed to be set aside prior to the wedding day - so it sat unworn again so far.A lovely Specimen…The Breitling Navitimer All Black could be the second watch which comes from Gerard. The initial was the nearly perfect Enicar Sherpa Graph i wrote about ever before and permit me to state that this piece isn't a less stunning. Gerard, are you experiencing much more sweet vintage pieces available?Specifically, the truth is in near mint condition and shows knife-like edges on its chamfers. Additionally, the dial along with the lume have aged with a beautiful pale yellow wereas numerous have either gone black, lost the lume or have been redone.In a nod to originality, the crystal exhibits the type of crazing which will only come about after and what will soon become Sixty years - we presume which the watch is produced by 1959. Yes, this example is amazing.Breitling Navitimer All Black - leading the chargeThe proven fact that this Breitling Navitimer All Black sat with nary having a look for thus long in Gerard's shop is telling. Despite a true improvement in vintage chronograph prices, Navitimers happen to be a little slower to adopt off. Perhaps it's because they've had semi-strong periods of collectability in past times or since they're very, very hard to get in nice, original condition. Regardless of reason, the All Blacks have started to pull away in the crowd this can earlier production (1954-1963) and very different looks when compared to later editions.  You need to note that the rising interest in these early models has raised fascination with later editions also; industry is actually dry for almost all manual wind Navis.More than just one change…But why are an All Black so different? To start, if not understood, these pieces were the first incarnation of your legendary watch line that has come to define Breitling - blending lots of instrument-like functionality with the features of a chronograph.  In Omega terms, is that this piece like comparing a straight-lugged Speedmaster with a later, lyre-lugged version? I'd say which is a fair comparison. So yes, I became pleased while i finally saw a Breitling Navitimer All-Black from the metal. I'd been expecting something very similar to the 806 I already owned, doesn't imply having a more monochromatic dial. How wrong I had been. What I'd overlooked in pictures was the reality that Breitling developed a quantity of changes aside from coloring the subregisters white if they finally thought we would refresh the model in 1964.SyringeEarly Navitimers display lovely lumed Arabic numerals as opposed to the post-1963 editions with their hash marks to show the hours. Furthermore, the Breitling Navitimer Dressed in black contains classic early period chronograph "syringe" styled hands (just like those seen on Gallet Multichrons) in place of later arrow tips. Subregister hands are white needles as opposed to the black "bowed-out" indicators on predecessors along with the white central chrono hand lacks an arrowhead. In addition to the white slide rule that may go on from All Black to reverse panda, the looks is definitely different. It's simpler, far less 60's and it is very, very "looks" competitive with this Speedmasters .Valjoux and VenusThe Breitling Navitimer Dressed in black came with many dial variants that usually included an AOPA logo or, as in this case, a gold wing without the AOPA insignia. I'll allow to soak the professionals to distinguish different models, but in my eyes, all are equally attractive. The other differentiator in these early Breitling pieces refers to the movement. The very first few years saw using the Valjoux 72 (what is known as Mark 1 models) before Breitling moved to the Venus 178 (Mark 2 with the All-Blacks) that lived on within the model for the next 15+ years. These Valjoux powered pieces are exceedingly rare and incredibly expensive (start at $15K and progress with ease), but they've also were built with a carry-on effect with all the Venus-powered versions.Wearing an IconAn early Breitling Navitimer Dressed in black looks stunning around the wrist. It offers loads of presence but exhibits a certain volume of restraint versus later editions. Your are wearing one of the primary chronographs ever devised and of course one of the most famous - we said in your 5 vintage chronographs. It turned out also mentioned often times inside our Breitling Expert Interview. It almost comes with a inky look and is removed as somewhat smaller compared to turned around pandas.Pure CharacterAlso, one must admire the beaded bezel for a way it catches the sunshine. Navitimers are wonderful all over replica watches which can be worn with about anything, but because of the extreme anti water proof, they're that should be left for usage inland. Their construction often brings about serious dial degradation and/or slide rule staining. Furthermore, that big, barely convex crystal loves to form stress cracks from the outside or, with this example, craze. To me, the crazing is pure character so i love it, on the other hand are aware that even my friend @watchfred rolls his eyes within pigheadedness while we are avoiding a swap.The Breitling Navitimer All Black is still loosely affordableWarts define a classic Breitling Navitimer Black, in addition they define values. If you are seeking an indication 2 (Venus 178), you'll need at the least $6,000 on an example. Realize though, you will likely be checking out a dial that likely has lume issues, repainted hands, or possibly a seriously polished case. It is an increase of roughly 20% throughout the last 6-8 months. Still, though, bargains arrive once in awhile as there were so many Navis, that sellers might not be in a position to differentiate.   Normally, though, move up to $8,000 and you are obviously likely speaking about an incredibly nice watch. I think, the 5-figure mark isn't much ahead.A Breitling Navitimer Black is actually its own watch. Nice ones are certainly not overly common and, yet, they're still relatively affordable when comparing many of the other seminal chronographs.   Yes, if you wanted a true cornerstone, dare I only say "grail", vintage piece, you can do much worse than an All-Black. There's no doubt that this was one of Breitling's best�